My Dream Course was established to bridge the gap between students and educators across South Africa. Our mission is to help students find their dream course by connecting them to the appropriate course provider. Our goal is to reach as many South Africans as possible, to equip them with skills and training that will make them employable and able to participate in growing our economy and workforce.

We would like to INVITE all COURSE PROVIDERS to join this amazing network for education and training courses and give our STUDENTS the opportunity to see who you are and what YOU have to offer.


Join the My Dream Course family and make a difference to YOUR Community.

My Dream Course is committed to assisting the greater COMMUNITY of around you by empowering individuals to find a course and therefore develop themselves further. As part of our commitment we are contributing a PERCENTAGE of all Course Providers fees, towards this fund. Through this fund we will be giving away courses to our Customers/Students via promotions, competitions, and giveaways on a regular basis.


•    Great brand visibility to lots of potential students
•    Cost-effective on line advertising
•    Full content management facilities
•    Direct student contact
•    Access to real time statistics
•    Strong Search Engine presence
•    It is Free for Students
•    User-friendly directory search
•    Students can view detailed course descriptions online, in their own time
•    No Software updated or downloads required

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