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Globally there is an ongoing shortage of skilled persons in the IT industry and South Africa is no exception to this. Career and employment opportunities abound in IT for persons who have acquired the necessary study skills, and online or distance learning is becoming a more and more popular way to achieve this as access to the internet increases and the cost of being online decreases.

IT Academy is based in the Western Cape and specialises in online IT training. We bring you a comprehensive range of online computer training courses at exceptionally competitive prices. Our courseware is delivered through one of the top US based companies in the field bringing the best prices for the international market straight to your PC or mobile device.

We are living in the fast paced information age with technology evolving almost on a daily basis.

Without strong computer literacy you will struggle to achieve your aims no matter what career path you intend to follow. Whether you are a student or a pensioner our online material from the most basic competency- based short courses to the most in depth career based courses, can be taken from the comfort of your home or office, in your time, as it suits you.

If you are considering entering the world of Information Technology as a career we have a solution for you. Whether you are interested in becoming a Database Administrator,
Computer Support specialist, Computer Hardware Engineer, Computer Software Engineer, Webmaster or System Engineer we have the course for your requirements.

Just login with your username and password from any computer, 24/7. No rushing through traffic to get to classroom training, often in inconvenient hours to you, but instead courseware at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. Our courseware works on a 12 month subscription. On successful completion of your course IT Academy will issue you with a certificate.

Our Special OFFER!

Buy ANY two courses and get the third FREE.
Includes 12 months subscription to your training.
Includes Instant Mentor, available 24hr, 7 days a week.
Access to your courseware anytime and from anywhere.
Over 1 900 courses to choose from.
Beginner's to Advanced training.

What You Can Expect

Global Navigation:Glossary, tips etc
Flexible Timing: 24 hours 7 days a week.
Bookmarking: Tracks your progress.
Questions and Exercises: Challenging you.
Skill Assessment: Tracks your scores.
Progress Report Link: Check your progress.
New Mastery Page: See whether you have mastered a course or not
Show Mes: View a Flash video
Course Completion Certificates
My Preferences: Modify the course environment
Search and Find-A-Word
Flash and Audio



The bottom line is normally the biggest challenge in todays business environment, and the challenge is to get the most effective and cost effective training available in the
market. Online learning or Web based training is the most cost effective solution.

No Loss of Production

Sending a staff member for instructor-lead training will normally either require a replacement or loss in service or production time. With web based training, courseware is available at your trainees fingertips anytime, anywhere by just logining on from any computer, 24/7. No need to leave work early or arrive later from classroom traing, often inconvenient to employer / employee.

No Travel or Accommodation Expenses

Monitoring Training

With our web based training the manager will be able to run reports on the students progress, time spent on training. The manager will also be able to see the students scores for the subjects he/she has studied.


To training a technical staff member to achieve his Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) could cost in the region of R40 000-00, and several weeks from the office, not to mention the cost of travel and accommodation. With Web based training you would be able to train 6 staff members for the same cost and this is not calculating the associated loss of production.


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