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You have a crucial presentation ... perhaps a new business presentation or a vital communication to staff. Youre so close to your topic youre not sure where to start. Your presentation requires input from several colleagues ... the prospect of design by committee is your worst nightmare !

Its not simply a matter of rehearsing or a dry run ... its coaching the presenters to create the right impact: Confident, concise, credible, convincing and in control are the mandatory starting pionts. We will coach you to ensure what you say and how you say it are totally congruent ... create the right impression and in the process, ensure the real you comes across ... the believable you ... presenting as naturally as you would converse.

We can brief your team to create visuals or make them for you ... your choice.

The senior team at Business Presentation Group regularly consult with Top 100 companies, making sure everyone from a Sales Manager presenting at the annual sales conference to the Chief Executive Officer pitching a take over bid, achieve their objective and feel a whole lot more relaxed in the process.

We dont write presentations for our clients ... we develop presentations with them. Using Visi-planTM , a Business Presentation Group proprietary process, we facilitate the initial brief and develop the presentation framework faster ... turning the "committee" into a collaborative team or helping an individual clarify and assemble their thinking.

From the framework we develop a draft presentation script ... enabling you to experience the value and impact of the content ... adding ideas or making changes to fine tune the content. We then discuss treatment, visual support material, presentation environment and any props that may be required.

An outline of how we consult with our clients to strategise presentation content and coach presentation delivery ...

1. Initial brief ... profile audience, define objective, review staging required... 1- 2 hour meeting with client
2. Develop presentation strategy and framework with client... 2 - 5 hours with client
3. BPG conceptualise theme and develop content... 3 - 7 hours
4. Meet client to approve concept / content... 1 - 2 hour meeting with client
5. BPG develop draft script... 2 - 5 hours
6. Client makes final adjustments to script
7. BPG develop visuals and review with client... 4 - 12 hours
8. BPG coach client to deliver presentation... 2 - 4 hours


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