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Founded in 2002, Aquarius Skills Solutions has established itself within the South African Market as a respected, committed and results orientated training provider.

Our services include Training and Development in both the ETD and Services Sector offering a wide range of learning programmes. Our programmes are unit standard aligned and can be customised to suit the specific needs of your organisation.

Although our main focus area is training and development we also offer our clients the services of Skills Development Facilitator and Policies and Procedures development.

Our specialist consultants offer assistance and guidance in various areas within the organisation.

With a wide network of resources and experience in the industry, we are able to offer personalised service to clients with unique options to suit training and developments needs.

At Aquarius Skills Solutions we understand the importance of developing a competitive and unique organisation. With this in mind we create the advantage by understanding and analysing the business needs before providing a quality service that is personalised and perfectly suited to the organisation.

Service Strategy:

Focusing on the development of all individuals and businesses within South Africa,

understanding the needs of both the client and the learner, allowing us to accurately match our service to suit the organisations requirements.

We pride ourselves in offering personalised service, time and attention to clients and learners.

We have representatives in all 9 provinces in South Africa, providing training solutions to organisations across all industries and business sectors.


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