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Fourways (Fourways)

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Join in for a practice of hatha yoga that takes you to your Self. Using the practice of yoga, understand the energetics of the body, understand the mind you entertain, understand yourself. Classes vary per practice to highlight themes of interest that may be structural, philosophical, or silence for your own space to develop. Come and experiment with yourself on the mat, to let yoga influence your life in a positive way. Read more under yoga styles.

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Tips for your enhanced yoga experience:
Please don't put on perfume/cologne for your yoga class, and if possible to not have a ciggy just before class. The smells interfere with the process of yoga re withdrawal of the senses.

Dont eat hard foods up to 4 hours before a class, or soft foods 2 hours before class. Don't drink half an hour before class.

Empty your bladder and bowels before a yoga class. Drink lots of water after class to replenish and flush your body.

Women and Menstruation: Inversions are not recommended during menstruation, more importantly, listen to your body to make this decision. For Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga: Women are advised to abstain from practise for the first two nights of their menstrual cycle.

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Hatha Yoga, Yoga, Physical health, Healing Therapy

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