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Yoga for Beginners

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This course can be taken at any time.


4 weeks

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Fourways (Fourways)

Course Description:

You can start with a 10 consecutive day special for R150 which gives you 10 consecutive days (1.5 weeks) of as much or little yoga as you can for that fee. You can experience and experiment with all teachers to see who you resonate with as they all approach poses differently (and beginners just show up and fit in and  copy and do what they can...no ego, no expectation).

Or, we are running a beginner workshop series on Saturdays from 9am – 10am for 4 weeks in October. This is the basics of yoga explained so you won’t get a yoga class experience as such but will get a lot of foundation.

Or, we are offering a basics to brilliance workshop on 26th October which starts with block and strap (props) workshop, a core workshop and then expansion workshop which will also grow your foundation! J


For the 10 consecutive day special just show up for the first class on schedule that suits you and that starts your 10 consecutive days. Arrive at least 15 minutes early with cash/credit card (mat hire is included).

Does this help?

Oh, recommended number of classes a week depends on what you want to get out of yoga, you get more out the more yoga the more often you do it. 1xweek is maintenance, you won’t see much change through yoga, 2x week is good regular practice but change will be limited. 4x or more a week will be beneficial to body and mind and strength and flexibility will all change and grow! But it is ultimately up to you. The more you do the more you will want to do! J

Course Requirements:

Just arrive about 15 minutes early to register. If you missed October 5th, you can still arrive for any other Saturday beginner class.

Additional Notes:

Tips for your enhanced yoga experience:
Please don't put on perfume/cologne for your yoga class, and if possible to not have a ciggy just before class. The smells interfere with the process of yoga re withdrawal of the senses.

Dont eat hard foods up to 4 hours before a class, or soft foods 2 hours before class. Don't drink half an hour before class.

Empty your bladder and bowels before a yoga class. Drink lots of water after class to replenish and flush your body.

Women and Menstruation: Inversions are not recommended during menstruation, more importantly, listen to your body to make this decision. For Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga: Women are advised to abstain from practise for the first two nights of their menstrual cycle.

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Beginners Yoga, Yoga Postures, Wellness

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