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This course can be taken at any time.

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Main Location (JOHANNESBURG)

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In today's highly competitive market place, companies are continuously striving for strategies and initiatives to create a competitive edge. The research in H.B.P & N.L.P (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) has provided a unique insight into the human condition and the way in which we think and perceive reality around us.

H.B.P is a one-day workshop designed to introduce the delegate to the world of N.L.P communication techniques designed to facilitate faster customer understanding, rapport and team cohesiveness.

The programme can be used to support team building, sales and strategic account management initiatives.

In addition to providing the delegate with definite advantages when faced with any negotiation situation they may encounter, the workshop will provide the delegate with personal insights into their own behavioural patterns, influencing their own personal goals and relationships.



During the 1-day workshop the delegates will be exposed to the following disciplines:

· Basic communication techniques

· Non-verbal communication

· Listening skills

· Thought filters

· Visual, audio and emotive communication techniques

· Written communication techniques

· Matching and Mismatching. (The propensity to sort similar or dissimilar characteristics)

· Toward and Away-from thinking

· Big and Small Picture thinking (The ability to communicate with each type of filterer)

· Past, Present & Future Preference thinking.


Anyone who has contact with the species ' Homo-Sapiens.'

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