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Communication and Listening Skills

Course Dates:

This course can be taken at any time.

Course Cost:

FEE: R2,451-00 incl. VAT. Group booking for 5 people: R9,690.00 incl. VAT. IN-HOUSE GROUP BOOKING for 10 people: R18,240-00 incl. VAT (payable at registration).

Course Type:


Course Location:

Main Location (Alberton)

Course Description:

We are all expected to communicate effectively in the workplace and to maintain good working relationships; but often our communication is not clear and our working relationships are less than productive.

If you wish to improve your communication and listening skills, this is the course for you.

The course is interactive with role plays and opportunities to practice new communication skills.

Who Should Attend:

Employees at all levels, especially those who operate in teams, give or receive instructions and those who deal with clients.

Course Outline:

-    Good Communicators

-    Body Language

-    Listening skills

-    Communication Styles
-    Difficult Communication
-    Conflict
-    Role Plays

Course Objectives:
-    To understand how we can influence a relationship
-    To identify the behaviours associated with good working relationships
-    To appreciate the impact of relationships on personal performance and clients
-    To know when and how to use a range of skills

Topics Covered in the Course Include:
-    Are We Good Communicators?
-    The 7 C’s of Communication
-    Body Language
-    Barriers To Communication
-    Listening Levels
-    Key Points of Listening
-    Two Way Communication
-    Communication Styles
-    Forms of Communication
-    Communication & Teams
-    Dealing with Difficult Communication
-    Aggression
-    Face to Face communication
-    Telephone communication
-    Giving Bad News
-    Conflict

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