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Business Communication

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This course can be taken at any time.


1 Day

Course Cost:

R2010.00 per person excluding VAT.

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Course Location:

Main Location (Randburg)

Course Description:

Each person in business needs to communicate effectively with customers, colleagues and suppliers. It happens every day, all the time.


During this interactive workshop participants will learn the skills and attitudes necessary to communicate effectively at work. Participants will walk away with an understanding of their individual power to make healthy communications choices. Through dynamic, memorable instruction on the beneficial effect of positive words and actions in the workplace, participants will learn that will help them make a profoundly positive difference in the morale, productivity, stress level and loyalty of individuals both in and outside their organisation.



Workshop Overview:


What is Communication?

What is your Communication Style?

Understanding the Nature of Communication in Business Overcoming Barriers to Effective Communication
Improve Professional Business Communication Qualities Improving your Communication Style
The Business of Effective Listening (Advanced Strategies) Rules and Strategies for Improved Written Communication in a Business Environment
How to align yourself with your co-workers outcomes Understanding personalities and how to handle perceptions & interpretations
Master the Art of Body Language Developing Personal Communication Techniques
How to  break the cycle of ineffective communications & deal with difficult people Action Plan – Creating a new communication plan for improvement back at work Overview

A practical, yet in depth programme covering effective business communication principles.

Delegates will learn how to:


Experience a heightened sense of awareness regarding interpersonal communication Understand techniques for communicating effectively in the workplace Know the difference between appropriate and inappropriate emotional expression in the workplace Understand how non-verbal behaviour can have an impact on how a message is received Improve Written Communication Skills Establish Rapport with Colleagues, Clients and Suppliers Describe potential barriers to communication and give potential solutions for each barrier Say the right thing the right way to gain the right results Become aware of Body Language and learn Non-Verbal techniques that enhance professional communication



An inter-active one day workshop with strong emphasis on business communication and individual awareness.


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