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First Impressions for Receptionists / Front Line staff

Course Dates:

This course can be taken at any time.


4 days

Course Cost:

ON application

Course Type:

Part Time Day

Course Location:

Main Location (Pretoria)

Course Description:

This innovative and extensive programme will enable front line staff to create a very positive first impression by looking great and feeling good about themselves, and communicating effectively face-to-face and on the telephone.

Specific Outcomes Covered

·        To Identify a brand and instill a sense of belonging and belief.

·        To understand who the customer is and what he wants.

·        To understand your role in the process of communication and Moments of Truth.

·        To understand the importance of creating a positive first impression.

·        To improve your listening skills.

·        To master the “welcome process”

·        To understand how to hide “flaws” in your figure and use dressing style and colours to enhance your image.

·        To apply your make-up effectively (for the ladies)

·        To learn to use effective body language for front line staff.

·        To understand how to interpret the body language of your customer.

·        To select the correct phrases to use in different situations.

·        To learn to use proactive telephone techniques.

·        To learn to handle angry and difficult callers & situations.

·        To learn to control your tone of voice & clarity, and to sound friendly and professional.


Additional Notes:

Highly intensive and in-depth programme. Covers every aspect and angle in a practical and exciting manner.

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