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Customer Care / Service Excellence

Course Dates:

This course can be taken at any time.


2 days

Course Cost:

On application

Course Type:

Part Time Day

Course Location:

Main Location (Pretoria)

Course Description:

This highly practical programme will enable delegates to offer excellent service to customers and to communicate effectively face-to-face or telephonically across barriers created by culture, language or hierarchy.

Specific Outcomes Covered

   To learn to instill a sense of belonging and belief.
      To establish who the customer is and what he wants.
      To create care lists – who relies on who?
      To use the essential ingredients & competencies required in caring for your customer.
   To understand the communication process.
   To improve your listening skills.
   To ensure that you have a good attitude.
   To perfect “The welcome process”.
   To use proactive telephone techniques & etiquette.
    To handle complaints effectively.
    To control your body language.     To understand diversity in body language according to culture etc.

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