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Relate & Pitch to Win Business

Course Dates:

This course can be taken at any time.


3-day skills development programme

Course Type:

Part Time Day

Course Location:

Main Location (CAPE TOWN)

Course Description:

You have established true working partnerships with your clients. You have earned their respect through your professional approach in all your interactions with them. You demonstrate a solid understanding of their needs and you know how to communicate with them to position your recommendations in a way that helps them see the real value. They buy you, then buy your products and services ... you win more business.

assess ... your current skills gap

you recognise that ...

building trust and mutual respect with some clients requires special skill

your sales performance needs improvement, but where do I start … what are my real strengths and weaknesses ?

you are up against strong competition and need more ways to differentiate yourself to win more business

you feel under-equipped to analyse and establish a client’s real needs, so that you can respond with more tailored solutions

client objections commonly stall the sale, and you lack confidence to handle them effectively

to get client commitment and close the sale remains a challenge

mapping ... the expected outcomes

understand how perceptions influence how we behave and respond in client situations
acknowledge own unique personal strengths, limitations and potential development areas at every stage of the sales process
understand and assess the different behaviour preferences that motivate clients
earn credibility by showing respect for those with whom we interact ... adapting behaviour to relate to, connect with and influence
ask the right questions to understand and confirm your client’s real needs
rapidly translate the client’s needs into a proposal or pitch that will demonstrate your understanding of their needs
map presentation sequence and flow, anticipating how the client will need to assimilate the information in their minds
develop a naturally persuasive and conversational pitch approach … tapping into your unique style … channeling nervous energy, positively
assess and re-shape the image you project to appear and sound confident and credible
understand the psychology of client objections that could potentially stall their agreement and present strong justification to overcome these

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