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This course can be taken at any time.


2-day skills development programme

Course Type:

Part Time Day

Course Location:

Main Location (CAPE TOWN)

Course Description:

You have established true working partnerships with your clients. You understand their needs more effectively through a positive working relationship. This is based on trust, mutual respect and the ability to understand each other as individuals and not just as business associates.

You understand how to communicate with your clients to position your recommendations in a way that helps them see the real value. They buy you, then buy your products and services ... You win more business.

assess ... your current skills gap

you feel confident in your product knowledge and your ability to develop strategic solutions, but recognise that ...

    * you get on great with some clients, but not with others

    * you are not sure how to improve your sales performance ... what are my strengths and weaknesses

    * some hints and tips on how to get your client to open up would help you uncover his / her needs, creating sales opportunities

    * you could use some guidelines on developing strategies for building strong client relationships based on trust and mutual respect

mapping ... the expected outcomes

understand self, and how to build on strengths and develop any areas of weakness at every stage of the sales process
understand and assess the different behaviour preferences that motivate clients
possess the ability to get along with people in everyday business and social situations, and find ways to meet mutual needs
earn credibility by showing respect for those with whom we are interacting … adapting behaviour to relate to, connect with and influence
ask the right questions to gain a clear understanding of the client’s business needs
use listening and understanding to refine your influencing skills to obtain win-win outcomes
develop the skills to build long-term client relationships based on trust, creating more and greater sales opportunities
develop specific actions to address potential gaps in your ability to influence and sell

This programme makes use of the InsightsTM psychometric tool to create a model which will enable you to communicate more effectively.

Based on extensive psychological research relating to the work of Carl Jung, InsightsTM gets to the ’real’ personality issues, without getting into complex, psychological language. It is a model which is easy to learn and apply, to symbolise and identify different personality styles, preferences and behaviours

You will receive a unique, personal InsightsTM Discovery Report, containing individually tailored information on …

your personal style
communication strengths and weaknesses
how you like to be managed and how you manage others
blind spots and critical development areas
strategies for communicating with opposite types and difficult people
This report becomes a platform for discussion and interaction and creates a powerful frame of reference throughout the programme.

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