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Course Dates:

This course can be taken at any time.


2-day skills development programme

Course Type:

Part Time Day

Course Location:

Main Location (CAPE TOWN)

Course Description:

"he who thinketh he leadeth, but hath no-one following him, is only taking a walk"

One of the biggest challenges facing leaders in any organisation today, is to create an environment in which people are so stimulated and committed, they won’t want to leave! A simple definition of leadership, is ’the ability to obtain followers’ ... the more effective the leader, the more committed the follower.

Whilst we all have the potential to influence others to follow us, we don’t necessarily harness the power of our unique influence to unlock the full potential of our followers, and to energise high performance teams.

An intensive 2-day workshop, customised specifically for your organisation, will offer you, as a team leader or manager the opportunity to ...

    * gain deeper insight into your personal profile: behavioural strengths, limitations, and leadership potential explore and understand ‘difference’ in others assess how to use your unique influence to get better results from interactions with others

    * develop a culture of honest, transparent communication and feedback with team members

    * analyse the profile of your team, to establish gaps, and develop actions to maximize the talents and skills of the team

Module 1

Power of influence ...

mapping the expected outcomes

understand the leader’s role and purpose in context with global trends and demands of the organisation
define management versus leadership
explore current challenges facing your leadership team, given that change and growth is inevitable
understand the levels of leadership influence and how to move followers from compliance to commitment
understand how perceptions influence behaviour
understand and assess the different behaviour preferences that motivate self and other team players
identify your personal strengths, weaknesses and potential development areas

Module 2

Energise your team ...

mapping the expected outcomes

interpret the concept of motivation and its importance in enhancing performance levels
identify motivating and de-motivating factors, and their implications in creating a positive environment for people to flourish
explore and identify practical ways of communicating more effectively with other team members
develop skills to adapt your own behaviour to honour differences and ensure successful interactions
recognise stress signals in self and others
analyse the team dynamic and it’s impact on your ability to meet team objectives
assess the level of modification needed to move the team from compliant behaviour to total commitment
develop specific actions to address potential gaps in your ability to perform as an effective team leader

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