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Relate with Confidence

Course Dates:

This course can be taken at any time.


2-day skills development programme

Course Type:

Part Time Day

Course Location:

Main Location (CAPE TOWN)

Course Description:

As a team, you recognise that each individual is unique in the way that they contribute to the effectiveness of the team. You have practical skills to communicate and build relationships that cross barriers of hierarchy, language, culture and social background. You are able to strategise interactions with colleagues, resulting in lower levels of stress and increased motivation and productivity.

assess ... your current skills gap

    * you and your colleagues seldom have the time or opportunity to build your understanding of each others strengths, needs, perceptions ... your differences

    * personality conflict may or may not be an issue for your team, currently. However, there is lack of tolerance for the way some behave or respond in certain situations

    * yours may be a team in the making, or a team which has existed for some time; striving to achieve your full potential

    * you would like to know more about your own strengths and limitations to make you more effective in how your relate to others

mapping ... the expected outcomes

understand how perceptions influence behaviour

understand and assess the different behaviour preferences that motivate self and other team players

identify your personal strengths, weaknesses and potential development areas

explore and identify practical ways of communicating more effectively with other team members
develop skills to adapt your own behaviour to honour differences and ensure successful interactions
analyse the team dynamic and it’s impact on your ability to meet team objectives
develop specific actions to address potential gaps in your ability to perform

This programme makes use of the Insights™ model to create a common language which will enable you to communicate effectively.

Based on extensive psychological research relating to the work of Carl Jung, Insights™ gets to the ’real’ personality issues, without getting into complex, psychological language. It is a model which is easy to learn and apply, to symbolise and identify different personality styles, preferences and behaviours.

You will receive a unique, personal Insights™ Discovery Report, containing individually tailored information on …

your personal style
communication strengths and weaknesses
how you like to be managed and how you manage others
blind spots and critical development areas
strategies for communicating with opposite types and difficult people
This report becomes a platform for discussion and interaction and creates a powerful frame of reference throughout the programme.

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