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High Impact Communication for Young Adults

Course Dates:

This course can be taken at any time.

Course Type:

Part Time Day

Course Location:

Main Location (Jukskei Park)

Course Description:

Higher confidence levels, improved self esteem, assertive behaviour, diminish anxiety levels, use time efficiently, image & grooming, positive & open body language, the ability & courage to address difficult issues effectively, build positive interpersonal relationships, improved attitude and self motivation, speak confidently, convey spoken information well, improved listening skills, interact with people of different ages, cultures and gender more effectively, overcome fear of the new, bring balance into daily living, acting with integrity & taking responsibility for actions and choices, understanding what ethics & trust mean. Creative & more flexible attitudes, understanding yourself and others, dealing with conflict and the opinions and beliefs of others.

Outline of Programme: 

Leadership through relationship building

First impressions

Developing an open communication style

Image and grooming

Taking responsibility for actions and choices

Foster an ethos of effective decision making and judgement

Create a positive attitude

Establish a culture of trust by becoming trustworthy

Turning resistance into resolve

Handling conflict more effectively

Fostering a sense of co-operation

Paradigms, flexibility and tolerance

Practical goal setting techniques

Solve problems more creatively

Understand and develop emotional intelligence

Memory techniques to increase performance

Establish techniques which will influence behaviour and attitudes

Duration Options:

4 weeks – 4 modules - one 3 ½ hour module per week

Group Size:

Minimum 12; Maximum 20 delegates 

(Grade 10 -12 Learners)

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