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Speak So People Listen!

Course Dates:

This course can be taken at any time.


2 days

Course Cost:

Fee: R4,560.00 per delegate including VAT. This fee includes course notes, lunches and refreshments.

Course Type:

Part Time Day

Course Location:

Main Location (Johannesburg)

Course Description:

Speak So People Listen is a business communication course that focuses on the interpersonal relationships that we need in our everyday work life.  Face-to-face communication impacts directly on our relationships with the people we work with. It is these relationships that affect other peoples’ perception of you and your ability to do your job.

This course will help you get your ideas and opinions listened to and give you more influence at work.  It will enable you to put your point of view across without alienating others. You will improve your communication skills, be able to lead others and raise yourself to new heights in the work place.

Course Content:

   1.      Improving your communication skills

   2.      Putting across your point of view

   3.      Developing and using your voice effectively

   4.      Improving listening skills

   5.      Understanding body language and other non-verbal communication

   6.      Learning to assert yourself

   7.      Making the most of meetings

   8.      Easy networking for beginners

   9.      Essentials of negotiation

  10      Improving social interaction at work


   1.      Have the self-confidence to communicate at all levels of the organisation

   2.      Leading and participating in meetings

   3.      Deciding when to be assertive

   4.      Getting people to listen to your ideas and follow your directives

   5.      Influencing others at work

Course Presenter:

Cathy Myers is a Senior Consultant with Viewpoint and specialises in the oral aspects of business communication, presentations, interpersonal skills and workshop facilitation. She is a qualified Speech and Drama Teacher with an LTCL from Trinity College, London and a Higher Dip. UNISA.

During the last 15 years she has helped hundreds of business and professional people to have more self-confidence and improve their capabilities in the workplace. She coaches and mentors executives on interpersonal communication, presentations and image building. She strongly believes that corporate and individual success depends on the individual's ability to communicate well.

Additional Notes:

55A East Hertford Road,
Bryanston, Johannesburg.

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