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Communication Skills

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TBC (Germiston)

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The reason is that we all communicate differently, depending on our personal preferences - AND depending on our personal thinking style. Understanding how we communicate is the first step to actively managing our daily business communication - which will result in increased efficiency, reduced conflict and a better performance within our team.

This course will benefit anyone who would like to boost their core business skills by learning to communicate effectively and professionally within the business environment. This course is for newly appointed managers, administration officers, factory managers, financial professionals, IT professionals, project supervisors and staff, supervisors, engineers, marketing and sales managers and representatives, technical managers, team leaders and warehouse managers.

Please note that this course is made up of a series of short modules and is not an exhaustive, in depth look at this topic.

This course license is valid for 14 days.

Course Duration: 218 Minutes +

- Understanding Communication 1.0 (10 minuutes)

- Communication and Channels 1.0 (25 minutes)

- Communicating Effectively 2.0 (20 minutes)

- Good Communication (10 minuutes)

- Communication Barriers (25 minutes)

- Overcoming Barriers to Workplace Communication (10 minutes)

- Communication and Ethics (10 minutes)

- Communication and Social Skills: Giving Feedback (1 minute)

- Communication and Social Skills: Receiving Feedback (1 minute)

- Communication Styles and Emotional Intelligence 1.0

- Workplace Communication: Presentations and Nonverbal Communication (10 minutes)

- Making Meetings Matter (60 minutes)

- Lead by Listening (10 minutes)

- Feedback and Nonverbal Communication 1.0

- Nonverbal Communication and Listening 1.0

- Types of Communication Styles in an Organisation 1.0

- The Business of Communication (10 minutes)

- Communicating and Social Skills: Resolving Conflict 1.0 (1 minute)

- Communication Skills all Managers Must Master 2019 (15 minutes)

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Communication Skills

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Cassidy Cook

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