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Inter-Personal Relations Skills

Course Dates:

This course can be taken at any time.


2 or 3 days

Course Type:


Course Location:

Main Location (CAPE TOWN)

Course Description:

Learn how to improve your relationships at work, with colleagues, suppliers and customers. Improve your communication skills so that you can be more persuasive and deal with conflict more effectively.

Who Should Attend:

People in any position at work, who would like to improve their communication skills, confidence and work relationships.

Course Outcomes:

1. Understanding Conflict and Assertiveness

    The need for emotional intelligence in the modern business
    Understanding Conflict
    Confronting Fears about Conflict
    Understanding Different Behaviour Styles in Conflict

2. Self-Development

    Understanding Paradigms
    Analysing Childhood Messages and Other Paradigms
    Building Positive Self-Esteem

3. Understanding Assertiveness

    Differences betw. Assertion, Aggression, Non-assertion & Passive-aggression
    Understanding Difficult People
    Encouraging other people to be more assertive
    The Basic Rights of Assertiveness
    Exercises in Assertive Communication

4. Listening Skills

    Understanding the Importance of Listening
    Listening Traps
    How to reduce conflict by listening actively and reflectively
    Listening Skills Evaluation

5. Handling Conflict Constructively

    Necessary Beliefs for Handling Conflict
    Identifying the Source of Conflict
    Approaches to Handling Conflict
    Balancing Relationships and Issues
    Route Map for dealing with Confrontations
    Negotiation Tactics and Techniques
    Handling Criticism
    Examining your own habits and pitfalls
    Situational Conflict Resolution

6. Communicating Assertively

    Non-verbal Communication
    Verbal Skills
    How to avoid e-mail-related conflict or misunderstandings
    Presenting Ideas Confidently
    Tips for Building Co-operative Relationships
    Questioning and Persuasion Techniques
    Role Plays and Skills Practice

Optional Modules:

    Dealing with Change and Stress
    Running Efficient Meetings
    Enhancing Team Dynamics

Additional Notes:

Available as an on-site course or a public course.

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