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Improving Inter-Departmental Communication

Course Dates:

This course can be taken at any time.


1 Day (or longer by request)

Course Cost:

Available as an on-site.

Course Type:


Course Location:

Main Location (CAPE TOWN)

Course Description:

This workshop aims to improve the teamwork, productivity and communication within a department or inter-departmentally, reducing stress and conflict and building co-operative relations. Through practical application, problem-solving exercises and situational role-plays, systems and processes as well as hindering attitudes and practices are and addresses

Who Should Attend:

This programme is run as an in-company workshop, with all the relevant members of the teams concerned, to ensure suitable problem-solving and practical application of solutions.

Course Outcomes:

Session 1 : Introduction to Communication

    Communication Principles and Barriers
    Examining your departments communication barriers
    Written vs Verbal Communication
    The Importance of Emotional Intelligence at Work
    Communication Gaps at Work
    The Influence of Paradigms
    Proactivity vs Reactivity

Session2 : Managing Communication with Others

    Identifying the Various Communication Styles
    Understanding Conflict
    Balancing Relationships and Issues
    Overcoming Fears Relating to Conflict
    Dealing with Confrontations and Challenging
    Dealing with Difficult People

Session 3 : Communication Tactics

    When E-mail is and is not Appropriate
    E-mail Do’s and Don’ts
    Guidelines for Written Communication
    Non-Verbal Communication
    Listening Skills
    Handling Criticism and Receiving Feedback
    Presenting Negative Messages in a Positive Way
    Questioning Techniques
    Persuasive Verbal Techniques
    Being Direct, Clear and Unambiguous in Communication
    Building Co-Operative Relationships

Session 4 : Practical Application

    Developing Practical Strategies to reduce stress and conflict in your team
    Role Plays and Skills Practice

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