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Management Communication Programme

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This course can be taken at any time.

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Main Location (CAPE TOWN)

Course Description:

Managers practising effective communication achieve maximum performance from their team members.  This programme is designed to help managers who are not achieving maximum results.

The programme is focused on all areas of communication necessary in creating a good team.

    Two 4 hourly morning sessions 1 week apart.
    Followed by a two hour follow-up session, 3 weeks later.


Communication is the key to successful business and personal relationships. Service related industries are the future and a high priority is placed on people who are trained in effective interpersonal and problem-solving communication methods. At Speechwise we focus on developing these vital communication skills through our comprehensive and personalised training courses.

Subjects covered include:

Constructive Feedback and its ability to grow people

Negative Feedback and the damage it causes to a team

Positive Assertiveness ensuring like and respect from the team members.  This aspect helps members to realise the seriousness of a situation and it encourages maximum performance
The use of effective listening and empathy and the manner in which it encourages inter-dependence within a team

The art of delegating and its positive effect on both the manager and the team

Motivation and creating an environment in which to inspire

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