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Influential Business Communication

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2 days

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Main Location (Johannesburg)

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The power to influence

In today’s rapidly changing and competitive work environment, with its flat, matrix and project-oriented structures, strong business communication skills are essential for an organisation’s success. Despite this, many people lack the confidence to communicate effectively with others. Our Influential Business Communication course will equip you with the communication skills you need to have a greater influence within your organisation and with other people.

Interpersonal communications don’t follow a regular pattern, but rather ebb and flow according to the motivation, personality styles, needs and attitudes of the people involved. What this means is that to communicate effectively, you need to first understand yourself and your motivations, as well as the motivations of others in any given situation.

Our Influential Business Communication course will equip you with the communication skills you need to have a greater degree of influence within your organisation and with other people – both at work and privately. You’ll learn to:

Be effective, clear, brief and insightful in order to reach mutually beneficial outcomes; Understand yourself and your motivations, as well as the motivations of others, which change depending on the situation, and may or may not be shared; Recognise which  approaches enable and hinder the favourable outcome of business communications; Listen more intensely, analyse information carefully and respond more appropriately; Identify the difference between manipulating and influencing, and why being authentic and genuine in your business communications can make all the difference.

How is the course structured?
The Influential Business Communication course uses practical simulations and supports learning materials and tools that allow you to improve your communication skills through:

The understanding of three interpersonal transactional models, giving you insight into your own and other personality styles and approaches; Practical exercises. You’ll learn communication skills, such as analysing the inter-relationship between two parties in an interaction, and how to apply a selected behavioural model to specific work situations; Initiating and maintaining a positive flow in all your interpersonal communications. You’ll learn to draw down business interactions into clear next steps and honour commitments in order to build trust-based relationships.

Why is our approach different?
For three main reasons:

It’s skills-oriented and based on best practice theory, but it’s mainly based on experiential learning so that you put into practice whatever you have learned; It involves individual coaching and feedback; It is tailored  in that we recognise your own personality style, purpose and capabilities as a backdrop for the course material.

Who should attend this business communication course?
This communication course is ideal for anyone in an organisation – from lower level positions such as administration staff, technical specialists, support staff and personal assistants – to junior and middle managers, supervisors and team leaders.

Learning process

Programme duration: 2 days Prerequisites: none Group size: 12 – 14 participants Pre-work: Online pre-programme assessment and DISCus personality assessment

SETA accreditation

Level: 4 Credits: 10 Company SETA full accreditation number: 0595

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